Open Journal of Business Model Innovation
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Aims & Scope

The Open Journal of Business Model Innovation is a peer-reviewed journal published by Scientific Online Publishing. It presents current academic research and practical findings in field of business model innovation. Topics appropriate and related to business model innovation include the role of business models within corporations, the process and instruments for business model innovation, business models within several industries, social business models and business models in emerging markets. Topics also include the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of business models. The journal addresses issues as: What are the drivers for business model innovation? How companies innovate their business model? How do companies evaluate existing and new business models? How do companies integrate business models in their corporation? How do companies manage multiple business models? Disciplinary boundaries that straddle business model innovation include strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation management and others. INJBMI is dedicated to investigating business model innovation in several industries, countries and other context. The journal welcomes articles that advance our understanding of business model innovation. Articles should be well articulated and substantive for research and practice.
  • Focus on a substantive issue in the domain of business model innovation
  • Offer new insights that advance the field
  • Be literature-based and academic
  • Demonstrate conceptual rigor
  • Provide evidence of methodological rigor